MageHost is a bootstrapped and profitable company that is growing fast. We got that way with hard work coupled with smart work and a strong commitment to quality of our service. Our team’s combined passion, intelligence and skill forms our culture, technology platform and our humanely approach to customer service.

We are a young company with a singular focus on providing high performance and optimised Magento hosting. We are looking to expand our team with curious and passionate people. If working with young talented people sounds like a good idea to you, read what we offer more below and hit the apply button.


  • We don’t hire employees, we hire talent.
  • We believe in giving back to the Magento community.
  • We are transparent about our strengths and weaknesses.
  • We are not the cheapest Magento hosting option, so we have to be much better to earn it.
  • No honest mistake or oversight can get you fired, even if it results in big problems like service failures or lost customers. Lying about it will. Not caring about it will.