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Magento SEO Guide [2019]

Update base URLs or change site name

Base URLs are one of the most important parts of Magento and they cause constant trouble for our customers. The good thing is, by knowing about them you will save yourself infinite time and feel like a wizard. Within the Magento admin, these values can be viewed by...

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Transaction emails or newsletters not sending

Check to see if the Magento cron is set to run, it controls sending those emails and any other task scheduled within Magento that might send an email. If it is set, check to see if its executing properly with n98 tools or via the cron_schedule table.  Two of the jobs...

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Reindex Magento

Magento depends on the indexers to keep your site up to date and to do its magic quickly.  For Magento 1.X there are two ways to index: Command-line Via the Magento admin Reindex via the Magento Admin To reindex follow these steps: Log into your Magento store admin Go...

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Patching Magento: How-To Guide

Introduction While the fine folks over at Magento work tirelessly to improve Magento, part of that process is discovering critical bugs and, subsequently, creating patches to fix them. Applying these patches can be a daunting task for those of us who do not have...

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Using memcached for sessions

Using your database or db for sessions is not recommended. Although the files setting for sessions in Magento is great, you may want to use Memcache. Step-by-step guide Log into the server or access your Magento files via...

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Cache Management

  The Cache Management Dashboard Flushing the Cache Flushing Redis Cache    The Cache Management Dashboard The Magento cache in Magento 1.X is managed under System->Cache Management After clicking that link you should see a full list of your caches, similar to...

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