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Magento SEO Guide [2019]

Magento 1 vs Magento 2: Top 7 Reasons to Upgrade

Even after the release of Magento 2, there are 420,000+ stores still running on Magento 1. It could be because of uncertainty, discomfort, or simply procrastination. To clear the clutter, let’s dive into a detailed analysis of Magento 1 vs Magento 2. Magento 1 vs...

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GDPR for eCommerce: Everything a Store Owner Should Know

Consent is king. With the growing internet penetration and digitization, there is a need to protect and empower consumers. GDPR for eCommerce has changed the way business interacts with the customers. Even though there’s much hype around GDPR, the current status of...

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Redirect HTTP to HTTPS in 4 Simple Steps

If you’re not yet on HTTPS, the browser is going to through a “Not Secure” warning on your website. For compliance purposes, you need to have an SSL-encrypted connection. Once, you have installed SSL, it is crucial to redirect HTTP to HTTPS. What is HTTP to HTTPS...

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Guide: Magento Performance Optimization in 2019

Delivering better user-experience is the key to selling more online. People will abandon your cart if the site takes more than 2 seconds to load. That’s why it becomes crucial to speed up Magento stores. In this blog, you will learn about Magento performance...

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Choosing the Best Magento Host: The Ultimate Guide [2019]

eCommerce stores face stiff competition. If your site loads slower than your competitor, you will lose revenue to them. Your store's performance is dependent on your hosting provider. That's why having the best Magento hosting would mean faster speed, regular security...

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