Magento Hosting, Perfected.

We are on a mission to make every Magento store faster and more secure!


MageHost is a Managed Magento hosting market leader in performance, innovation, scalability, and security with thousands of clients trusting our impressive support and forward-thinking infrastructure. We treat our customers right and don’t see them solely as cross-sell targets to boost our topline.


How MageHost was born?

The infrastructure of traditional hosting companies could not meet the high-performance demands required to manage and support Magento servers. Merely adding a separate page for Magento hosting does not qualify to be called a Managed Magento hosting company. We took this challenge as an opportunity and built a technology stack backed by latest infrastructure to provide a platform that actually makes Magento perfect!

Another problem we observed was a gap that existed between the development partner and hosting partner of the Magento store owner due to which ultimately the store owner suffered. We have tried to bridge that gap by working with the development companies so that all kind of issues whether development related or hosting related can be resolved with mutual cooperation so that the store owner has a complete peace of mind.

Our Philosophy


When it’s right for the customer, right for the company, and we’re proud of our decision, we’ve done the right thing.


We believe that if any task has to be performed more than once, then it has to be automated. Period!


We amaze customers with our support, technical expertise, and transparency. Try us to believe us.


We choose long-term investment over short-term gain. Yes, we are here to disrupt the market!

It’s Magento hosting, perfected!